Tote bag process & final result

Hello everyone :)

I have a tote bag update for you today, how exciting! I worked with the wonderful company BIDBI (Bag It Don't Bin It) to make my tote bag design a reality.


BIDBI use 100% Fair trade Certified Cotton & organic cotton within the production of their bags, on top of that they are a Global Organic Textile Standard approved processing facility. BIDBI were fab company to work with, very friendly and efficient💚


Here are some of the product shots from a location shoot I did in one of my local parks, aren't the green tones so dreamy against the rich tote print? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the final tote bag down in the comments☺️ You will be able to purchase this tote bag in the shop launch. (Date yet to be decided)


Go check out the wonderful BIDBI, I shall link their website & Instagram below🌎💚

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